Sunday, June 18, 2006

heading for the hills

Margi and I are all set to leave Delhi this evening for the overnight train to Dharamsala. Yeah!!

She had a bit of a rough day Saturday. But we called her doctor, and, after hearing a list of her symptoms, he prescribed an initial treatment plan of Sprite + crackers, before moving on to the big guns. The medicine worked. By 6:00 pm, she was all smiles once again, and we were both relieved and back to jokes and laughter. The longer stay in Delhi turned out to be the right move; knowing that her doctor was close by gave her much confidence; she would not have been able to do the long journey north feeling as she did yesterday.

Correction: Margi is building snakes, not dragons. I was being metaphoric; however, it is Margi's work and accuracy is appropriate here. They will always be dragons to me.

Next stop, Mcleod Ganj.


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jamie in columbus said...


I am a friend of Gaye's, a person who taught at the American Embassy School in New Delhi. I also taught there and may have met Margi when Nek Chand was at our school. At any rate, Gaye told me about Margi which inspired me to get my women book/artist group to make found art collages of sorts for Margi. I need to know where to send them. Gaye has since left New Delhi so I can't send them to her as I had originally planned.