Saturday, June 10, 2006

Visiting Margi

I leave for India on Tuesday, June 13. I am so looking forward to seeing Margi and seeing this place called Dharamsala that she loves so much.

Lucky me: I own three beautiful Margi collages, and have found myself, these last few months especially, in silent meditation and prayer in front of them. Now, I will get to see the inspiration for "Deluxe India Rose" and "Pencil Road Collage" and take a look at the new work Margi has recently begun.

Penelope's e-mails were invaluable; full of all the practical information I needed to properly plan my trip, while thoroughly answering my many questions. I hope she had a smooth journey home.

Carolyn and I will cross paths for a day; she will be there for chemo #6, and I will arrive just as Margi is ready to leave Delhi for the north. Somehow or other, I will do my best to keep up with Margi, the intrepid traveler and adventurer.

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anneg said...

Best of luck Deane. Give Margi a hug for me! I also own a couple of Margi's collages and my 15 year old daughter just found an empty pack of Camel cigarettes on the ground the other day and went home and made a collage ala Margi!! Problem is there isn't much garbage on the streets in Santa Cruz, CA or probably not as much as Delhi anyways.