Tuesday, June 20, 2006

We are in Dharamsala

The sign in my room at the Him Queen Annex contains the following warning:

"Please close the balcony windows and doors securely when you leave your room because of the monkeys." Just another reminder that I am far from home.

Margi sleeps on the train (we end up with a private compartment, and this makes her very happy), and, even though our train is over 2 hours late, our driver is waiting for us when we arrive at the station with a big smile. We arrive in Mcleod Ganj in time for the afternoon rain, and I am grateful for the cooler temperatures.

I get my first real night of sleep, finally, and I'm up at 6:00 am, ready to walk and explore. Later, Margi takes me on the now famous walk around the temple grounds, and after seeing her so sick on Saturday, a mere 3 days ago, I am amazed at her recovery. Yesterday's rain has left us with a clear sky, and I finally see the Himalayas, peeking out from behind the lush green hills which surround us. They take my breath away. We each spend the afternoon on our own art, and have dinner with Angus at the Ashoka Restaurant. There, on the balcony, just 2 feet from our table, is my first monkey sighting. This, along with Margi's increasing strength, makes me very happy.

Namaste and Toshi Delek (welcome)

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