Saturday, July 08, 2006

in Los Angeles

No goodbyes; Margi's rule. She sends me off, at 7:00 am Wednesday, with plenty of hugs and radiant smiles. Give everyone my love, she says. I awaken in Los Angeles at 5:00 am Friday, lost in my own studio, thinking I am still at the Him Queen Annex.

After two days of traveling, (all Wednesday to get to Delhi, and my midnight flight to the US) I arrive home in Los Angeles to very sad news. My cousin Renee lost her own battle with cancer and died earlier that Thursday morning. She had only been diagnosed a few weeks before I left for India with 4th stage cancer, but had been very ill for the last year and a half without any conclusive diagnosis. I visited her before I left for my trip, and, characteristically, she wanted to know absolutely everything about Margi and asked what she could do. She and my mother grew up together in NY, and after my mother moved out to California, they once again became as close as sisters. So, my mother has lost her oldest and best friend.

I have been asked to speak at the funeral tomorrow, so I am doing my best to write down the stories that best describe my own relationship with this remarkable woman. Which of course, brings me right back to Margi. Every day that Margi can slowly drink her morning tea while gazing out on the "Pong" wetland valley below, eat her carrot cake, chew those Tibetan dirt pills, and assemble those snakes for her fall show, is a gift, and I am very grateful.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Deane,

I am an old friend of Margi's (back in high school days) that follows along on the blog.

Thank you for your wonderful updates on your time with Margi and I also wants to express my condolences on losing your cousin Renee.

Stay well: all the best.

Connie in Memphis