Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Time to go.

Tomorrow morning I begin my long journey back to the US. It is early evening, Tuesday, and Margi and I have just finished a lovely dinner at Chonor House.

Leaving Margi is more difficult than I could have imagined. She says that the good days outnumber the bad, but sometimes it is a mix. She stayed in her room all day today; we did some fun photography of her bald head, and laughed a lot.

This trip meant more to me than I could possibly describe; and I am grateful for every minute spent in Margi's "bubble." Every moment was precious, and sometimes wild. There are no goodbyes, she insists, and I am content to trust her judgement on this. I will miss the daily "check-ins" around 12:00 or 1:00, and leaving carrot cake by her door in the morning. (she likes it for breakfast) She made it all very easy for me; answering questions, giving advice. She didn't mind when I would go off every day for a few hours to draw or paint somewhere, and always asked to see the day's work. I would leave post-it notes for her in our "mail box" (and she would respond) between our 2 rooms so that we could stay in touch without intruding on one another's space and time. It was a very gentle way to communicate, and we had fun with it.

Tomorrow, I take a taxi to Jammu, and fly to Delhi from there. I will see the Himalayas from above and that should be quite a sight. When I arrive in Delhi, I will have a few hours before I need to be at the international airport for my flight home, supposedly to shop, but might just find somewhere cool to sit and have dinner.

And I really, really liked India. Wonderful, kind people.

Time to pack.

Tashi Delek.

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