Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Excuses, excuses

Okay, I’ve been delinquent on blogging and emails as well-- but I have a couple of really good excuses. I know, you’re thinking “yeah right—she survived the chemo and now she doesn’t have time for us...” Just so you’ll know the truth-- I have a note from my mother excusing my absence. Never mind that she died in 1982. One of the perks of coming close to death is that the lines of communication across the border become clear and fairly easy to access, certainly better than cell phones. Posthumous notes are no problem.

The note from my mother:

Dear Blog readers (all 3 of you),

Please excuse my daughter for her failure to blog and email during the last several weeks. Although she did survive the 6 dreaded chemotherapy sessions— she was immediately hit with a wicked (come-and-go-type) chest cold which didn’t kill her but did a number on her energy level. Also, she was staying at Angus’s lovely house in the hills of the India Himalayas and it was a bit of a trek to the nearest cybercafe. It is after all monsoon season in India and given the recurring chest cold it would have been risky for her to trudge up and down the mountain (in the mud and pouring rain and fog so dense it’s like breathing water) to do the blog.

Sincerely (from the other side),

Theresa Cecelia Madarda Synakowski Scharff (Margi’s mother)

p.s. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

There. That said, I have to admit I’m still spinning from the idea of getting a life extension! I'm slowly regaining strength and hunkering down on the work-- with 2 tandem shows coming up in Oct /Nov in L.A... I have spells of energy while I’m working, but when I stop, I find myself exhausted. Will have to learn how to regulate the supply. Also, still fighting off the come-and-go-chest-cold (that my mother mentioned) while the monsoon rains fill the sky.

I have a great place to watch the weather. I’m now in McLeod Ganj and have a corner room at Hunted Hill Guesthouse with HUGE weather-watching windows (2 wall to wall and floor to ceiling!) and a balcony. It costs Rs500 (US$10.87) which isn’t bad though still more than my “p.c. days” budget of US$10 for the whole day’s expenses. The guesthouse owner, Yesh, kindly rounded up an Xtra table for me to work on— so now I have everything I need.

The main window of my room faces north towards the hills and high mountain peaks of the Dhauladahar (‘white mountains’) range in the India Himalayas. The monsoon-fed vegetation is as lush as ever with infinite shades of green showing off in the tall pines and rhododendron trees mixed with ferns, mosses, lichens and scattered terraced rice paddies... The landslide sections on the hills across the way expose the metallic greys of slate in massive fan-shaped rockslides. Above the tree line, the high peaks refuse to settle on one color. When not dressed in clouds, they change their colors by the minute from subtle greys and blues to rich browns, purples and Day-Glo pinks at sunset... The view of the 15000(+)foot “Moon Peak” greets me in the mornings and makes me happy, which not being a morning personality, is a pretty tall order. The mountain is up to the task.

Yours truly/truly yours,



Anonymous said...

Loved your mom's note. I'm always looking forward to your latest blog. This summer I took my grandson via train from OKC to the Bay area. We went to Muir Beach and I helped him make the connection between you, your art that hangs in our home, your Mom and Olga, and the wonderful ocean he was seeing for the first time. We sent lots of healing thoughts your way.
We saw Judy & Clyde for a wonderful visit and she shared the progress you were making.
Wonderful..........we are seeing the world through your eyes and enjoying the experience so much.

Jan Greene

Robin Brailsford said...

Dear Margi's mother:

Good to talk to you.

Can you send Martha over to the phone for me? I just have a couple of quick things to ask her....

But it is great to hear you and Margi are doing so well - I know you were and are and have been a real inspiration to her through ALL her adventures.

But just a note (in case you were unaware) she is lying to you.

That Margi-girl has not sent me one e-mail since this all went down - none, nada, not even before the cold came and the nose hairs came back! Tell her that there are more than 3 of us who read the blog, and we would love to hear from her one on one again real soon. In the meantime - she should work on a printed edition of the blog writings. Ever yours, RB