Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mark your Calendars!

Hi everyone,

Now that the right honorable Ms. Krogg has let the proverbial cat out of its rather illusionary bag, it is time to share information that has already entered the public record. (and is hot off the press)

The internationally famous Ms. Scharff has two scheduled events at Rio Hondo College this fall. Mark your calendars for the artist's reception and gallery talk on November 2, and another presentation of her work and travels on November 7. Both events begin at 7 pm and are FREE and open to the public. For additional information, you can contact the RHC Cultural Events Hotline at 562.908.3492; RHC address: 3600 Workman Mill Road, Whittier, California, 90601.

Wishing M. a safe and smooth flight to the West Coast.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

alternatives to the poison

Hello friends,
It’s been busy for me since I left the “bubble” but I’ve been meaning to get some information to everyone…..

I was able to attend one of the days of the Cancer Control Society Convention over Labor Day weekend. The Society is a resource for alternative therapies to cancer treatments and other debilitating diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, Hepatitis and other immune compromised diseases). It was a fascinating day with lots of speakers and booths and information about options to the standard treatments of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation! There are alternatives that are working!!!!!

I also went on the day tour to some of the Clinics in Tijuana, Mexico that are providing these therapies in a hospital or clinic setting. It was fascinating and some of these clinics have been around for 30 years! Generally, they build the immune system and detoxify the body as well as address the cancer in a way that does’t have the damaging side effects that chemo and radiation have. it was exciting to see these therapies helping people! And one of the clinics was using the same Biofeedback program that i am using! yea!!!!

If anyone would like this information, please feel free to contact me or contact the Cancer Control Society at or 323-663-7801.

I know that we are all grateful that the path that Margi had to walk has proved successful for her, and I don’t discount the work that the doctors are doing. But if anyone is faced with the decisions that Margi has had to face, then I want everyone to know that there are options out there that are working and worth checking out.


Etiquette Alert

Dear Blogwatchers,

It has come to the attention of our Office that one Margi Scharff, aka Wonwulf, aka The Wild and Woolly (although once temporarily hairless) Traveler of the Western and Eastern World, is about to return to El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles.

Ms. Scharff is projected to be projected into the airport known to various lax personages as LAX on Friday, September 29, 2006. She will immediately be conveyed to the first of various safe houses, from which she will issue proclamations when she is damn well ready, thank you very much.

Ms. Scharff catapulted into Memphis, TN some time in the last week or so (our sources either lack the proper information or are asking too much money for it), allegedly to see her family. How she managed to elude the proper authorities and SNEAK into the United States without notice, we have not been able to ascertain, but our operatives are at this very moment moving stealthily through various communities attempting to collect information concerning this serious breach of rational security.

The surreptitious nature of Ms. Scharff’s return to her natal land no doubt owes A GREAT DEAL to her continuing violation of Cyberspace Rules, although said Rules have been enumerated to her innumerable times; to wit, the Essential Law of Blogs, which is that new data MUST be periodically injected into the permeable plasma of the plausible plutosphere from time to time, or the whole thing stutters and dies, sort of like that sourdough starter we had years and years ago which needed a steady infusion of flour every week or it starved, and it was just too much of a responsibility, wasn’t it, so we eventually threw the whole thing in the trash with only a tiny little whimper of guilt and a much larger sense of relief, now, didn’t we?

But we digress. And then we just stop, flat. Because we’re like that.


Edna Krog
Director of Cyberspace Etiquette

Friday, September 01, 2006

Delhi Weather Report

Delhi Weather Report: Blue skies with a few cheerful clouds playing chase in the breeze. Not too hot, not too cold. As for the medical report-- the latest CT scan and blood tests are equally good. My CA-125 is at 4.0 and other than a slightly low potassium level-- I seem to be a ‘normal study’, health-wise, that is. My mental state has not been evaluated by the pros but if it had been they’d have to declare me to be in a state of euphoria.

I do believe my oncologist, Dr. Rajan, is a genius.

Yesterday’s CT scan report:

Name: Mrs. Margi Schroff Age/Sex: 51 Yrs . / F

Refd. By : Dr. Sandeep Rajan CT No. : 1464

Cr. No. : 36967 Date : 30-08-2006

CECT Thorax & Abdomen

- Liver, spleen, pancreas, both kidneys and retroperitonium are normal.
- Bladder is normal in contents and perivesical tissue.
- Both ovaries are normal sized and unchanged since the last exam.
- Uterus is normal
- No free fluid seen.

Lung window
The trachea is central.
Pulmonary parenchyma interstitium & vasculature in the upper, mid & lower zones show no abnormality on either side.

Mediastinal window
The aterial & venous trunks, ascending arch and descending aorta & arch brances are normal. The brachio-cephalic veins & SVC are normal. No lymphadenopathy seen.

The tracheal bifurcation & lymph node areas show no abnormality.

The right & left main bronchi & their branches as far as can be traced are normal. No hilar lymphadenopathy seen.

The pleural fissures & main pleural cavity are clear.

The osseous window
The vertebral bodies transverse, processes and ribs show no abnormality.

Soft tissues are normal.

Impression : Normal study.