Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Margi's Dia de los Muertos Altar

Here are some photos that Carolyn sent to me from the Dia de Los Muertos altar that was created for Margi at Barnsdall.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Margi's altar at Barnsdall Junior ArtCenter

This is the latest regarding Margi's altar at Barnsdall Junior ArtCenter:

Met with Luis and Gerda this evening; Margi's altar will be outdoors,a center table against the building with 2 other altars on either side; Luis will be there all day Thursday and Friday, painting the table, draping it with cloth, bringing items to add to it; anyone who would like to add something to the altar can come any time they wish on those days.

Luis suggested that, if possible, we pick a time: like 4-5pm on Friday to meet at the altar to add our own items, say a few words or just share our own memories of Margi; like another memorial of sorts. With our individual schedules and various locations, that may not be as easy as we wish, but we can keep it loose.

The altar should all be done by 5pm on Friday, and may be up for the weekend. Luis works at Barnsdall and will protect it if the weather suddenly changes. The general festivities at Barnsdall: music, food, exhibition, etc., will begin at 7:00pm, but workshops and classes begin around 4:00pm.

If everyone brings 1 or 2 items (and they can be anything you wish) that will be great. Invite anyone you know who loved Margi and her work to participate; this is a celebration.

Happy Halloween.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Margi is in the manzanita

on the Pacific Crest Trail. During a late September writing retreat near Anza, CA, I discovered the Pacific Crest Trail passed nearby, on its way south to Mexico and north to the rest of the U.S. On one of my first walks I saw this healthy, happy, solitary manzanita growing in dry sandy soil near a tumble of rocks. On a later hike, I put half my baggie of Margi ashes around the manzanita's roots, and used some of the water in my water bottle to help the ashes blend into the soil. It seemed to me a spot Margi would have appreciated, desert lover that she was, and that she would like knowing that a little bit of her was helping this lustrous plant to thrive. Namaste, Margi.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Altares for Margi - Dia de los Muertos Celebration

Every year Luis organizes the Dia de los Muertos Celebrations at Barnsdall Art Park. He would like to have Margi's friends prepare an altares. The dates to install the altares is October 22-26, and for structure and finishing details, November 2nd. The official opening is November 2nd with music, food, and free workshops. Those interested should contact Luis directly at (323) 574-9191 or

Monday, August 27, 2007

Margi is on the wild beach

I took Margi's ashes to the wild beach yesterday. I walked along the beach, thinking of Margi and our walk a few months back along this coast. She loved this beach and the day that we had taken our walk, there were young seals migrating though jumping in and out of the water and older seals who would just pop their heads out of the water and silently watch us. Margi loved the wildness of this beach. Yesterday I walked along and came upon this tree branch structure that created a large "M" and knew that this was my sign from Margi. I walked in a circle and left Margi's ashes there and in the surf. There were some dead seals and birds on the beach that day and I felt that Margi is not alone and that beach just reeked of swirling life and death and the combined creative forces. Namaste Margi.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Memorial in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 18th

A memorial will be held for Margi in Los Angeles on August 18th, 2007. All friends and family are invited. Location and time is still to be determined.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Margi's obituary is in today's LA Times

Margi's obit is in today's (July 13th) LA Times. Thanks so much to Penelope Moffet for making this happen. She researched and wrote a preliminary article, sent it to the LA Times obituary section as a "tip," then served as a source for LA Times staffwriter Mary Rourke, who wrote the newspaper obituary.

Message from Joseph Kosuda

On behalf of my Family I must make it absolutely known to all, how much we appreciate the care you have shown our dear little peanut.

Her Friend's who gathered together at the end, and have had her in their thoughts all along have been a great comfort to Margi and to her Family. We deeply appreciate the love you have shown our Margi. She was blessed to have you all. She was blessed in so many ways. In my mind, her fortune was that she had such a love of humankind, and that made her so special to all of us who had the exceptional fortune to know her.

Peace, and Comfort from worry to you all.

Joseph Kosuda
Additional Scheduled Memorials for Margi Scharff and Family Information

Memorials for Margi Scharff (Peanut)on Aug. 4th, 2007
( her Maternal Grandmother's Birthday / Synakowski Mother's Maiden Name)

- Memorial Mass at St. Stanislaus, Buffalo, NY - Held by family member Aunt Wanda Medwid
- Memorial Liturgy at St. Gabriel's Byzantine Catholic Church & Panachida,
Las Vegas, NV
Held by family member Aunt Jane Copus and Cantor Mathew Copus
Cousin John K. Back-Kosuda and Nephew Joseph Kosuda

- Memorial Mass at St. Timothy's, Orlando, FL.
Held by Aunt Marge Glapinski

- Perpetual Vigil by Sisters of Nazareth- Torresdale, PA.
Held by Great Aunt, Sister Mary Medarda (Synakowski) ~ Mother Provincial of Sisters of Nazareth (Retired)

-- Margi is also remembered by Uncles John, Thomas, Leo and Martin Synakowski