Thursday, May 31, 2007

The latest news

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that it has been a couple of weeks of stark contrasts. On one hand Margi is struggling to breathe. The cancer in her lungs is making her very uncomfortable, tire easily and making it hard to walk. She is starting to take morphine and other medicines aimed at helping her breathe easier but is struggling with the associated nausea. Hopefully getting the combinations correct she will start to feel some relief.

On the other hand, she has had a nice review in the LA Times:

Her work is getting some good recognition. We, in Tiburon, are trying to help make Margi as comfortable as possible, help her with the neccessary paperwork so that she has access to hospice and palliative care and surround her with love. Rachel and I went with Margi up the hill near the house and had a wonderful picnic. Margi was so happy to be able to make it up the hill and it made us so happy to be able to spend time with her.
all the best,

Friday, May 18, 2007

Margi's prognosis from the doctor (based on an email from Margi)

In trying to keep you all up to date with Margi's situation, here is an email that Margi sent out yesterday, May 17th, regarding her visit to an Oncologist. Margi has told me that she is okay with me updating the blog with her health situation. She will only use the blog to write her stories from now on. I have removed some names and shortened a bit but the rest is direct from the email.(ag)

Sent Thursday, May 17th from Margi--
Other news (the other side of the seesaw! Or-- the other shoe drops) is that Judy and I went to an oncologist, today and though we liked her very much -- the prognosis is still grim. It wasn't that she gave us new information but it's just hard hearing it every time. Basically she said the cancer in the lungs would most likely be the cause of death and that we were dealing with a matter of months rather than years. She is totally on board with us on making sure we have access to palliative care. And she has no issues or negative judgements about my decsion to decline the surgery chemo route. She said she felt I had a very clear grasp on the nature of this disease and the treatments available and that she would be supportive in any way possible. She has no attitude about the alternative therapies but said that although she hasn't seen evidence that it can change the outcome--if it brings me any comfort it's worth doing it. I'm happy to have her on the team.

I'll be continuing on the C therapy for 3 more weeks under the guidance of the naturopath, at 4 days a week to see if there is any measurable change in the cancer count. Then we'll take it from there.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Margi's May 12th opening at Overtones

Hi All - Here are some photo's from Margi's opening.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Margi's opening at Overtones gallery

Hi All - Just got back home from Margi's opening in LA. It was a fabulous opening and the work looked great. The gallery owner, Elizabeta, had done a wonderful job framing and hanging the show. The placed was packed and Margi sold one of her snake pieces. Margi was not feeling great the day of the show but by that night, with help from Caroline doing a biofeedback treatment, rest and some good ole ibprofen, Margi rose to the occasion and truly enjoyed the night. The part that Margi liked the best was seeing all of her wonderful friends and being in the middle of all the conversations and love. She slept pretty well that night and around noon Brad, a very dear friend, picked her up from the Jolly Roger to head back up to Tiburon.
Keep up the loving thoughts and energy that you are all sending her. She is receiving it and believes that it is really helping her. Larry and Gina - Margi saw you at the opening and was sorry not to have been able to speak to get to you before you left. She really appreciated seeing you there and wanted to give you a hug! Email her if you get a chance.


Monday, May 07, 2007

Margi's show and update

Hi friends and family of Margi,

Margi's show at Overtones gallery in Los Angeles is opening this Saturday, May 12th. The opening is from 7 - 10pm. She will be there.

11306 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
t: 310.915.0346

I saw Margi on Sunday, May 6th. She is staying with her cousin Judy and Judy's husband Clyde up in Tiburon, CA. She looked great though very thin. She must way around 95 pounds. Her cancer is no longer in remission as you've probably read in the last blog entry and she is undergoing intraveneous megadoses of vitamin C twice a week. She has decided not to go through, at this time, the chemo and surgery route. Margi decided that the recovery from the surgery and then the chemo necessary afterwards would be so dibilitating that the balance of the possible extra time that it may give her compared with the quality of her life after the operation wasn't worth the ordeal. She would rather, at this time, try an alternative. She values the ability to be able to go for a walk and eat a meal without nauseau. At this time she is not feeling a lot of pain. Some discomfort from the ascetis and she tires easily. We went for a gorgeous walk near where she is staying and even in her current physical state she is able to walk up the hill and go for a pretty vigorous hilly walk. We had a great meal in Tiburon and looked into taking a ferry over to Angel Island. She is in a great location and accessible by ferry from San Francisco.

I live just a couple of hours from where she is staying and will try and keep blogging with news from Margi.