Monday, May 07, 2007

Margi's show and update

Hi friends and family of Margi,

Margi's show at Overtones gallery in Los Angeles is opening this Saturday, May 12th. The opening is from 7 - 10pm. She will be there.

11306 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
t: 310.915.0346

I saw Margi on Sunday, May 6th. She is staying with her cousin Judy and Judy's husband Clyde up in Tiburon, CA. She looked great though very thin. She must way around 95 pounds. Her cancer is no longer in remission as you've probably read in the last blog entry and she is undergoing intraveneous megadoses of vitamin C twice a week. She has decided not to go through, at this time, the chemo and surgery route. Margi decided that the recovery from the surgery and then the chemo necessary afterwards would be so dibilitating that the balance of the possible extra time that it may give her compared with the quality of her life after the operation wasn't worth the ordeal. She would rather, at this time, try an alternative. She values the ability to be able to go for a walk and eat a meal without nauseau. At this time she is not feeling a lot of pain. Some discomfort from the ascetis and she tires easily. We went for a gorgeous walk near where she is staying and even in her current physical state she is able to walk up the hill and go for a pretty vigorous hilly walk. We had a great meal in Tiburon and looked into taking a ferry over to Angel Island. She is in a great location and accessible by ferry from San Francisco.

I live just a couple of hours from where she is staying and will try and keep blogging with news from Margi.


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