Monday, May 14, 2007

Margi's opening at Overtones gallery

Hi All - Just got back home from Margi's opening in LA. It was a fabulous opening and the work looked great. The gallery owner, Elizabeta, had done a wonderful job framing and hanging the show. The placed was packed and Margi sold one of her snake pieces. Margi was not feeling great the day of the show but by that night, with help from Caroline doing a biofeedback treatment, rest and some good ole ibprofen, Margi rose to the occasion and truly enjoyed the night. The part that Margi liked the best was seeing all of her wonderful friends and being in the middle of all the conversations and love. She slept pretty well that night and around noon Brad, a very dear friend, picked her up from the Jolly Roger to head back up to Tiburon.
Keep up the loving thoughts and energy that you are all sending her. She is receiving it and believes that it is really helping her. Larry and Gina - Margi saw you at the opening and was sorry not to have been able to speak to get to you before you left. She really appreciated seeing you there and wanted to give you a hug! Email her if you get a chance.


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