Friday, June 29, 2007


Hi All - I had a friend ask me to continue to post updates on Margi. Frankly, it has been hard to want to update the blog as her daily struggles to continue each day have become so difficult. Each day she wakes up, takes meds aimed at providing her comfort and relief from pain but they also make her thinking muddled and this frustrates her. Margi does not want to die in this foggy way where she is so out of it that she doesn't realize what's going on. She thinks that she would like more clarity but she balances this with also not wanting pain. She has good and bad days but the cancer is progressing. She doesn't go out much, only to treatments. She sleeps a bit during the day as she is up most of the night. The meds and cancer make her nauseous and she wakes up often during the night. She lives each day as if it could be her last or the start of a miraculous recovery where she will live another 100 never know with Margi!!