Friday, May 18, 2007

Margi's prognosis from the doctor (based on an email from Margi)

In trying to keep you all up to date with Margi's situation, here is an email that Margi sent out yesterday, May 17th, regarding her visit to an Oncologist. Margi has told me that she is okay with me updating the blog with her health situation. She will only use the blog to write her stories from now on. I have removed some names and shortened a bit but the rest is direct from the email.(ag)

Sent Thursday, May 17th from Margi--
Other news (the other side of the seesaw! Or-- the other shoe drops) is that Judy and I went to an oncologist, today and though we liked her very much -- the prognosis is still grim. It wasn't that she gave us new information but it's just hard hearing it every time. Basically she said the cancer in the lungs would most likely be the cause of death and that we were dealing with a matter of months rather than years. She is totally on board with us on making sure we have access to palliative care. And she has no issues or negative judgements about my decsion to decline the surgery chemo route. She said she felt I had a very clear grasp on the nature of this disease and the treatments available and that she would be supportive in any way possible. She has no attitude about the alternative therapies but said that although she hasn't seen evidence that it can change the outcome--if it brings me any comfort it's worth doing it. I'm happy to have her on the team.

I'll be continuing on the C therapy for 3 more weeks under the guidance of the naturopath, at 4 days a week to see if there is any measurable change in the cancer count. Then we'll take it from there.