Monday, August 27, 2007

Margi is on the wild beach

I took Margi's ashes to the wild beach yesterday. I walked along the beach, thinking of Margi and our walk a few months back along this coast. She loved this beach and the day that we had taken our walk, there were young seals migrating though jumping in and out of the water and older seals who would just pop their heads out of the water and silently watch us. Margi loved the wildness of this beach. Yesterday I walked along and came upon this tree branch structure that created a large "M" and knew that this was my sign from Margi. I walked in a circle and left Margi's ashes there and in the surf. There were some dead seals and birds on the beach that day and I felt that Margi is not alone and that beach just reeked of swirling life and death and the combined creative forces. Namaste Margi.