Monday, July 09, 2007

Margi's ashes

July 7,2007

Margi loved the view from the deck at Judy and Clyde's beautiful home in Tiburon, CA. She retreated to it to sit in the sun and be away from the wind and to watch the sunset and boats on the bay. She would take her O2 with her and was content to sit with her tea and be out of her room. Judy and I sprinkled a bit of Margi on the deck and over the rail to the land below. “You’re always welcome to sit here”, is what Judy told her.

The fog had lifted and a hawk was riding the air currents over the hill when I finally walked up the hill behind Clyde and Judy’s home. The Golden Gate Bridge was still partially in the fog, but the sail boats were taking advantage of the breeze that was chasing the fog away. This is where I left a bit of Margi - up on top of the hill - with the beautiful view and the mountain that she claimed as ‘hers’. A place that she found sacred and special with the wild deer. A place that will always have a piece of her now, too.


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anneg said...

Carolyn - That all sounds so perfect. I like thinking of her in both places: sitting on the deck looking out at the world and up on the mountaintop where she always liked to be. Awesome...