Friday, March 17, 2006

All of us in Delhi

Hello hello everyone,

Susan here with Margi and Carolyn in Delhi. And Margi's niece Jennifer has just arrived as well. So here we all are, Margi and her crew, yo!

I'm updating as Margi has spent most of her energy the past 2 days with the young women she's been teaching creative writing to here at the hotel. Today was the last class, and they read their stories to us. I am fortunate enough to have gotten to tape them and not only are they absolutely beautiful, but to watch their relationship with Margi as she works with them is so lovely.
I believe stories from the girls and their images will be posted here later by Margi.

The last chemo treatment Margi had earlier in the week was a difficult one. It took twice as long as expected and there were some tests that had to be repeated before hand. Needless to say it's taken her a few days to recover but this morning was better than the few before. And tonight some of her local friends will be joing all of us for a rooftaop dinner.

It's starting to warm up here but Margi's room has a good cross breeze. She really doesn't go out of the hotel much and is well liked by everyone here (understandibly!)
I brough a slew of stuff from all of you which was a gas to give her. I felt like santa clause in March. Jeanie, she's loving the lotion, we decided the smell reminded us of Jean Nate, making it all the more precious. Gerda and Luis she immediately donned the shawl and wore it throughou the morning. And I removed the Virgin of Guadalupe from my neck and placed it around hers. Oh and she was thrilled, thrilled thrilled to get the discs, sketchbook and previous stories. Aside from loading her up with stuff, a fact she immediately bemoaned, she was giddy with all the goodies.

And Deane, she immediately wanted to begin responding on the oppostite pages of all your student's work to send back to them in response!

The struggles continue and sending all your warmth, and love and prayers mean the world to Margi.



anneg said...

Hi Susan - Thank you for the update. I appreciate it. I check everyday and it helps me feel more connected. I love hearing about Margi teaching the girls creative writing. That is so cool and so like Margi. Take care and hope you all have an amazing time together. Please give Margi a big hug for me and tell her I sat at jet#3 today and thought of her!

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Hello Susan,
Thank you for the update. I missed the NPR interview, but a friend told me about Margi, her art and her new challenge with cancer. I have also had ovarian cancer, fall of 2004, suddenly with no warning, also very advanced, and have endured surgery, chemo treatments and a stem cell transplant. I am still resting up and not back to work yet. I am a community college art instructor. I love seeing margi's work and am so inspired by it and also feel a closeness with her because of what she is going through with the cancer. I would be glad to talk about my experience if it would be of help to Margi. I am thinking of you all each day, look forward to more updates and hope all continues to go well.
A new friend, ET