Wednesday, March 01, 2006

passing along words from Margi

in an email from Wdenesday 3/1 Margie wrote:

I'm working on a chemo update for THE BLOG -- sounds like very bad weather or a giant slug. You guys are hilarious-- I've been rolling with laughter at the little bits Gaye has conveyed to me-- my favorite being "Who's Harish and why is he sleeping behind the couch?" I do have to say it's been a bit strange having my feelings described using adjectives I would never use-- Like she's worried about such and such as I'm not a worrier but would certainly be concerned about something in a matter of fact way... or we're having a wonderful time when my stomach is billowing out and my face is getting skinny and there is a beast inhabiting my body! But it's also been kind of hilarious to let the fiction take on it's own life as I have been struggling to maintain some semblance of balance between 2 worlds.

Oh and please do tell everyone not to get too excited about this NPR thing as Phillip told me he's having to cut it down to 5 minutes-- (we talked for at least 40-60 minutes I believe!) I would not want that job and there' no telling which segments of our all over the place (hilarious to grim) he'll be using! And do tell me-- is an artist facing cancer and impending death a more interesting story than an artist full of life? The extremes we artists have to go to to get media attention!

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