Saturday, March 04, 2006

Delhi 3/5

hello all,
we have moved out of Gaye's home and are now in a small hotel called Hotel Prince Polonia. we are in an area of Delhi called the Pahar Ganj- affectionately called 'the ganj'. it is an area that is popular with the budget travelers and both Margi and I have memories of days spent here. it is crowded and overflowing with all things India; tricycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws (ADA tuktuks), bicycles, cars, sacred cows, street vendors, pedestrians and beggars. it is not a neat and tidy part of India by anyone's definition, but colorful (sometimes too noisy though) and we find comfort in the familiarity.

Margi's room has lots of light and is very comfortable. she has enough room to do her work and relax when she needs to. the hotel has a restaurant, internet cafe and friendly and helpful saff. the restaurant is on the rooftop, giving us views of downtown Delhi and the neighborhood. the other evening we enjoyed fireworkss that were probably provided for Bush's entertainment.

the day that i was looking for hotels was the day Bush was in the city. streets were blocked off for security and to allow a place for protestors. i happened to pass by the Communist Party's protest and it all seemed very organized and under control by security forces. no violence, no flag burning, no second glances at me. ironically, i was also passing by one of the McDonalds here and slipped in to have a Sprite. as i sat and sipped my Sprite i watched the McDonalds' doorman shoo away a beggar woman while beyond her on the streets a group of Muslim protestors strode by. sometimes our worlds collide in the most unexpected places.

Margi will be going to the hosptal next Tuesday to do lab work. then we hope to have a better idea of what her chemo schedule will be. our plans for going to Dharamsala will revolve around that. we are in limbo until then.

the neurotoxicity in her extremities does not seem to be getting any worse at this time that is a relief. she is sleeping better and able to get some of her writing done. being on the internet wears her out though, so she is only doing limited emails at this time. yesterday she was busy with the NPR reproter and getting the interview all finalized. we haven't heard the final, final word of the braodcast time, but will let you know ASAP.

her friends here have been tremendously supportive and helpful. whether here in Delhi or Dharamsala, i always know that we will be taken care of.

so....until we know more from the hospital.

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