Tuesday, March 21, 2006


we have arrived and it is beautiful. the air is fresh and Margi can get out to walk amongst the pine trees. her spirits are refreshed and renewed. it really will be a healing place for her.

all four of us are at the home of her friend, Angus McDonald. it is a lovely spot with a fantastic view of the valley. meals are prepared for us, days are easy and Margi feels that she will be able to get back to her artwork!

the road trip to Dharamsala was full of adventures. stay tuned for stories about 'the adjustor', driving tractors, and dark mountain roads!



mimulus said...

I love Margi's work and heard about on NPR. I was touched and sorry to hear of her diagnosis.

I do not know if she is open to homeopathy, but Rajan Sankaran of Mumbai is an internationally recognized genius and master prescriber. If Margi could see him or any of his colleagues I think it would be a useful addition to her conventional treatment.

Anonymous said...

Have been following since I heard the story on NPR. Casting good thoughts across the world to you beautiful people.