Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Delhi Wed 3/1

hello all,
i'm sorry for not 'bloggin' sooner
Margi and i have been staying at the home of Gaye and Tim Facer while they were out of town. it has been a great place for both of us to have some quiet time together to sort through some of the details and for me adjust to being in India all of a sudden.

Margi is weak and takes naps regularly, but her humor is there and she seems to be free of pain. there is discomfort, but not pain. she is sleeping ok and eating ok. her appetite is still there but she can't eat a lot because of the free fluid still in her gut. we've been REALLY blessed to have had Gaye's housekeeper,Veena, come in and cook some wonderful meals for us. it has been such a relief to have that help.

we are moving to a guest house tomorrow in the Tibetan section of town. i will be scouting out places and will find something that will be central to food, transportation and email contact. i'm hoping to find a nice place that we can just unpack and hang for a week or more. i'm sure it will be easy now that the Tibetan New Year celebrations are finished.

Margi has an appointment next week with the Oncologist to check her White and Red Cell (WBC and RBC) count. she has been having the tingling sensations at the ends of her fingers indicating some neurotoxicity from the chemo. that concerns her, since the Drs say that it is cummulative and it could affect her ability to do her art.

the plans to go to Dharamsala are still in the works. we just don't have a date. a lot depends on the Dr's visit and how she feels. we are looking forward to Susan coming, so we may wait here for her. but, again. i'll keep you posted.

i am pleased that she has as much energy as she does. we went for a short walk around the block yesterday and that felt good to her.

she's planning on adding to the blog and is slowly working her way towards that, don't worry, i'll crack the whip and get her moving on it. she says that she may be replacing the weather reports with the 'chemo' reports......maybe. the weather in Delhi is smoggy and getting hotter....

all for now.

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