Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Margi on NPR

Hello all -
I've just recieved an email from Elizabeta Betinski at Overtones, the gallery in Culver City where Margi's exhibit was held last spring. Elizabeta recieved an email from the NPR producer that has done the story on Margi.
"The piece is slated to air as early as Wednesday afternoon, on All Things Considered."

There will be a web page on Margi on the NPR web site that will also link to the Overtones website, and link on the Overtones "Latest News" section that will link to NPR's Margi story.


Elizabeta will be hosting a fundraising event for Margi on the 23rd of April. More news about this event will follow after I return from seeing Margi.


anneg said...

Awesome - that is so exciting! I've been wondering if we should set up a Benefit account for Margi which would provide us an account for people to just deposit money into. It's designed supposedly just for these types of things so it's not a personal checking account. That way we could publicize that account number for people to make donations into as it would be safe and easier. I just called B of A and got that info but would have to go in and find out the real scoop. What do you think?


conniek said...

hi Margi -

God bless you - hope you heal well and quickly and eternally.

love and blessings,

Constance Kosuda (Joseph's mom)

May God bless you, all you are, all you love, all you touch, with Peace, Prosperity, Perfect Health, Harmony, Humility and Happiness, always, forever.