Thursday, February 23, 2006

Out of hospital

Margi has been discharged from the hospital and is in tremendously good spirits -- seen off by her new Indian family -- Karthik and co -- Maya's relatives -- somehow related to Penelope's boyfriend but I have lost the plot so P please explain. They took care of her when I got delayed at school and then in the inevitable negotiations over the hospital bill...and she adopted them. Karthik pretended to be a dr and cut through red tape that would have taken another hour....She had a great interview with NPR. Listen out. She's worried her dad will hate the political bits. But she figures she has a good excuse.She was happy to be left alone in her guesthouse in Defense Colony, quiet, pleasant and spacious. Harish is now looking after her. He warned her that he sleeps behind the sitting room sofa in case she is wandering around at night -- doesnt want to startle her. Anya and Joel will be with her Friday. Jennifer and Carolyn are on their way. All feels well.x gaye

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Robin Brailsford said...

Gaye: That's GREAT NEWS!

At some point can someone fill us in on who are these people are, what is Defense Housing, and more about the interview on NPR?