Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Carolyn going to India

hello all,
i wanted to let you know that i will be going to India next Wed March 1st. i should have my visa by Sat (thank you Susan) and will be in Delhi on Thurs 3/2.

if anyone wants to send something to Margi (think light, small and easy to pack) then you are welcome to send it to me and i will bring them to Margi. i was thinking that pictures or hand written notes would be nice to put up around her room, where ever she is. smiling, friendly faces will be most welcome!!!!

my address is:
2532 Rockdell Street
La Crescenta, CA 91214

if you can't get it to me, then send it to Susan Barnet, who will be flying out on March 15th.
Susan's address is:
3232 Ettrick Street
Los Angeles, CA 90027

thanks to everyone and a special thanks to Jack Scharff and Susan Barnet for your support. i am very grateful.


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