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Margi Scharff

Margi Scharff

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This blog is a great idea. Thanks so much for setting this up. I am going to try to call Margie tonight. From the messages you’ve forwarded, it sounds like she would be beginning chemo around the time I am calling so I am not sure I will be able to reach her, but I am going to try nonetheless. I also contacted a friend of mine who is in India through Feb 27 to see if he is going to be in Delhi these next few days. I am going to stand by and wait to hear more. If possible, I would like to fly out and see her.

Hi All: To be forwarded Monday noon:

I just had a long talk on the phone with Margi's father . He spoke to her for over an hour this morning. He seemed to be right on. He listened to her, she spoke. She has decided to go ahead with the chemo tomorrow and then take it from there. He is fine with her staying in India, as it is what Margi wants to do. Hospital costs $100 per day and treatment costs $400 every 3 weeks . He thinks her expenses will be $1500 per month. I asked point blank if he was going to pay. He said he "was fine covering this phase of it - but he is not as well heeled and some would think." He is confident she is getting good care. Margi's birthday was February 11. First sign of a problem was after that - she had a "jelly belly." She sacked the first doctor, when he would not talk to her about options. Her neice Jennifer (30 year old getting master's in public health, knows India) is going over ASAP, probably with her brother in Japan and her father. Jennifer and Margi get along great - she seems to be the perfect one. I spoke to her Aunt Jane and Uncle Matt . They will do whatever is required of them. They are calling Gerda regarding getting the banking information going. People should start making contributions. Luis or Aida - can you set up a blog? Aida...sorry to pulll you into this unannounced - but you're the only one I know who has ever set up a blog! As you can see, our friend Margi, whose travel journal entries I have forward to PA, is in India, in the hospital, with advanced ovarian cancer. I think someone should also get Margi a laptop. Who has a used one?

daniel lak <> wrote:
Robin, . In terms of contacting Margi, I am trying to arrange a cellphone for her that she can switch on and off according to how shefeels, and of course she can make calls out. That could be in placetomorrow of Wednesday.
I think it's crucial at this point to get her health stabilized beforeany serious contemplation takes place of quantity vs. quality, andthat friends and loved ones be by her side to support her through bothof those stages. so for the time being, it's probably best toconcentrate on the practical aspects, money, company, contacts,information and comfort for Margi. Philosophy can wait.
Perhaps if you were to set up a website or blog, or get someone youknow to do it, that would be most useful then we could jsut upload thelatest info having checked that it's not there already.
I am in Canada. Gaye is in Delhi and very very overwhelmed by beingsole provider of care so far. I'm hoping that some Americans in Delhimight rally round, even on a rota system, to help Margi through thediscomfort and potential distress of the first chemo, until loved onesget there. I'm sure once the community in Delhi -- American, artist,fellow travellers -- hears about this, they'll help out.
It's so distressing all of this, I;ve hardly had time to think aboutit, which is probably good.BestDaniel

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Robin Brailsford said...

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Subject: Margi-laptop

Hi, Robin.

I'm a friends of Margi's. Margi has spoken you as a
dear friend. Thanks for your notes keeping us
up-to-date on her status.

I noticed in one of your messages on the blog site
that you suggested someone get Margi a laptop. She
actually has one. She took it on her last trip but I
believe she decided not to take it this time. I think
she would have left it with SE Barnet
( or Gerda Govine

I'm planning to put a deposit in Margi's account when
SE returns to town tomorrow. Please let me know if
there are other things I can do. (Short of travel to
India which sadly I cannot do as I have work
commitments and a very young daughter.)