Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Breaking News

Margi has given her consent to begin chemo tomorrow/Wednesday Feb 22.

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vanhanson said...

Hi Margi,
I know how much you like to explore and experament, to push your self and work consistantly and hard.
So, I can relate to how you must feel about being confined by your illness, about having your plans altered by an unwelcome force beyond our direct control. You are certainly not alone in your experience of that.

My own experience of illness over the last six years has seen me lose interest in art, music composition, going outside, sex, food, movies, even listening to music, pretty much everything that I enjoyed doing when I use to have more energy. Some better days and some very worse.

The greatest comfort and stimulation to me during this time has been what few contacts and relationships I have been able to maintain. Friends, talking, and people who are willing to put up with me when I feel grumpy and pained have been the biggest help.

So, from the comments here on this blog and the length of contacts on the email messages from your friends,
you seem to have the best of all possible worlds for confronting illness- the support and love of friends you have made.

Joseph, Nephew (Las Vegas)