Thursday, February 23, 2006

Margi's new relatives

In a telephone conversation this evening, Maya told me her family has really taken to Margi, and that Margi is in good spirits and surprisingly lucid and lively after her first chemotherapy treatment. Also that Margi very much wants to stay in India at the present time, and that she's very focused on being alive NOW. She and Karthik were apparently swapping jokes, Margi giving as good as she got. They also swapped stories about Nepal, which Karthik (a travel agent) knows well. It seems that Margi really does have a new Indian family, one that is very interested in helping her get well and in assisting anyone who goes to visit her - if assistance is needed in figuring out things like what hotels to stay in.


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Robin Brailsford said...

From: "gaye facer" Re: Margi out of hospital
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 02:07:28 +0000

Anja and Joel are Margi's artist friends here in Delhi. Harish is the
who runs the guest house. We dont get NPR here in India so I'll fwd
if I can get them in advance -- but listen over the weekend just in

>From: Penelope Moffet < Re: Margi out of hospital
>Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 10:11:16 -0800
>Hi, everybody -
>As to the "plot" (what a sinister word!): yes, there was an
>scheme to kidnap Margi!
>I am so happy that Maya's relatives came through so quickly, and it
>like they were extremely helpful. How wonderful! Maya is a long-time
>of my boyfriend, Sandy. Sandy told Maya about Margi's situation, and
>her how great Margi is, and Maya said she would like to talk with her
>relatives in Delhi about their possibly assisting. And it went from
>Who is Harish, who will be sleeping behind the sofa? Who are Anya and
>When will the NPR interview air? (Do you know, Gaye?) Will it be on
>Things Considered?
>-- Penelope of Many Questions and Few Plots
>Gordon Greene wrote:
>>To Gaye and others concerned about Margi:
>>Please forgive me, but this is all going so fast and so many
>>being made that old fogies like me are bound to have trouble keeping
>>I'm not in the habit of opening every email, especially if I'm
>>with the sender and the subject line doesn't make it clear that it
>>spam. Surely I'm not the only one who has been stung before and is
>>therefore cautious. I almost deleted your email on the assumption it
>>spam. So for future reference, I suggest all correspondence
relative to
>>Margi and her health issues should include the name "Margi" in the
>>line. I think that would speed up the communication process and
>>connect with all those who are concerned about Margi.
>>Also, can you tell us more about this NPR interview? Did she do this
>>hospital? Before? Does it have to do more with her being an artist,
>>world traveler, and American ill in India, or what? Most especially,
>>anyone know when it will air?
>>Any enlightenment would be appreciated. (I loved your line, "I have
>>the plot so please explain" and identify with the problem.) Thanks.
>>Gordon Greene
>>(Margi's confused cousin in Oklahoma City)

>>From: gaye facer [] Sent: Thursday,
>>23, 2006 8:05 AM

>>Subject: out of hospital
>>She has been discharged from hospital in tremendously good spirits --
>>off by her new Indian family -- Karthik and co -- Maya's relatives --
>>somehow related to Penelope's boyfriend but I have lost the plot so P
>>explain. They took care of her when I got delayed at school and then
>>inevitable negotiations over the hospital bill...and she adopted
>>Karthik pretended to be a dr and cut through red tape that would have
>>another hour....
>>She had a great interview with NPR. Listen out. She's worried her dad
>>hate the political bits. But she figures she has a good excuse.
>>She was happy to be left alone in her guesthouse in Defense Colony,
>>pleasant and spacious. Harish is now looking after her. He warned her
>>he sleeps behind the sitting room sofa in case she is wandering
around at
>>night -- doesnt want to startle her. Anya and Joel will be with her
>>Friday. Jennifer and Carolyn are on their way. All feels well.
>>x gaye