Friday, February 24, 2006

Carolyn leaving Sat

hello all,
well my bags are packed and i'm ready to go....i think. i leave Sat am 2/25 and arrive late Sunday evening and will try and get to an internet cafe on Monday so i can let everyone know how Margi is doing and what her/our plans will be.

if there is anything that you want to send to Margi, please talk to Susan (323-493-2920). she may be loaded down with lots of things, so please talk to her before your shop or send.

for those of you who don't know who i am and how i know Margi...
i was in Nepal from 2000-2002 as a Peace Corps Volunteer and met Margi when she was passing through from Delhi to Kathmandu and stopped in my town. it was a chance meeting because 'my' town got so few tourists. i currently live in Los Angeles, so when Margi came home, we reconnected. i spent a few dusty days with Margi when she was cleaning out Mac's Studio, so i may have met some of you along the way.
i am able to pick up and go because i have no kids, husband, pets or mortgage and my job as an xray technologist is easy for me to come back to when i need to. i don't have deep pockets, but i can manage a few months without work and i know that Margi and i can live as cheaply as one over there. i'm very happy that i can do this for Margi, since it would be just too hard for me to sit here and not be able to help. i also work with a computer program that reads the body's frequencies in a similar fashion to the biofeedback machines, but this is in the quantum age with computer technology. it is helpful in reducing stress on the body that can cause disease and i will be using that machine on Margi. i am hopeful that the combination of Chemo, Auyervedic, Tibetan, prayers and the EPFX/Scio machine will pull her out of this hole that she has found herself in. your prayers are a vital part as well as her attitude.

i am sure that there is something that i am forgetting, so i will get back to packing and last minute details.

thank you to all for your support.

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anneg said...

Carolyn - I think it's great that you are going and how amazing to have friends like you...Margi is lucky but then she is amazing too! I will send any info that I get from my Sikh sister on any connections in India that may be helpful. Most are in Amritsar where they run a Sikh school. All the best and i will definitely be thinking of you both.