Monday, February 27, 2006

arrived in Delhi

Namaste everyone!
after the 12 hour flight from Chicago, i arrived late Sunday night and stayed at a hotel since it was too late to be finding Margi.

i had tremendous help from Kartik (Sandy and Penelope's connection) and found her the next day at the home of Gaye. Gaye and her husband are away for a few days and her daughter is with friends, so we have the place to ourselves. we will be moving to another location after that. i'll keep you posted.

she is in good spirits and is bright eyed. she has lost weight and looks a little too skinny and is rather frail looking, but she is still laughing and smiling, so it's easy to be optimistic and know that she will get over this. she doesn't have any illusions about the severity of the situation though and is able to talk about all options open to her.

she has been pleased with the doctors that are taking care of her and that has helped in her decision to carry on with the chemo. one of her main concerns is the neurotoxicity that could be affecting her ability to keep doing her artwork. her fingers have the 'pins and needles' sensation but so far it is manageable.

as of this moment, the plans are to stay in Delhi to be close to the hospital. they will be monitoring the effects of the chemo.

she still plans to get to Dharamsala as soon as possible, but it won't be immediately at this point. the city will be good for taking care of things, but it will be more restful for her in the mountains.

she says that she has a bit more energy and is starting to get back to the computer in order to connect with those who have sent their support and love.

thank you all who have helped me to get this far. it is a relief to be here and i'll be on the blog when there is news.

for now, your prayers are what we need.

ps. if anyone can contact Olivia, that would be great, i'm not sure if she has been in touch with anyone about this yet.


anneg said...

Hi Carolyn - I'm glad you got there safe and sound and are with Margi. Please let Margi know that I added her to the blog site but she has to accept the invitation email so that she can post things when she is up to it. I'm sure her email inbox is full but you know what the invite looks like. Wish you both the best and my thoughts are with you both.



Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,

Can you pass this message on to Margi? It turns out there is a cancer hospital in Nepal, but it is in Bharatpur, in Chitwan, in the southern part of the country. It is said to be good. If Margi has any interest in it, I can look up the details further.

There is also an oncologist in Kathmandu, but she is not affiliated with any cancer hospital. So Kathmandu may not be a real option.

If you or Margi want to email me directly about this, my email address is

Lots of love to Margi!


laurelpaley said...

I called Olivia. She had been out of town, from a number of losses in Floyd's family.