Monday, February 20, 2006

Margi Scharff

Margi Scharff- Hi All - Not sure who would like to post new content so I will add anybody that would like to. Anybody can add a comment to an existing thread but if you want to start a new discussion or post any new individual information you have to be a contributor and be added. I could add everybody on my current distribution list but that's over 40+ so please do contact me if you would like to be able to post new information and I will add you. Thanks and Margi must be feeling all the love and thoughts going out to her......Anne


laurelpaley said...

Thanks soooo much for setting this up. I have no new information, so don't put me in as someone to add to the blog. But it is incredibly useful to post to the blog and allow people to visit the blog and read the most current information and requests.

anneg said...

Hi Laurel - You're welcome and please just let me know if you would like to be added to contribute new messages. I just can't wait till Margi can actually start contributing! Hopefully this will become a new art journal form for her! All the best - Anne