Monday, February 20, 2006

Margi Scharff

Margi Scharff

Sunday, February 20, 2006

Margi wants you to know that she is feeling much better today. She had arough night and was admitted to he Dharamasala Cancer Hospital, VasundraEnclave, Nr Mayur Vihar (on Rd to Noida just past Nizamudding bridge). Sheis in room 227. The tel is (011 91 11) 2261 777123She'll be there for most of the week while they determine treatment that is in keeping with her spiritual wishes. The cancer seems too advanced forimmediate surgery, so they are talking of 6 months of chemo first....She's in less pain as they drained her abdomen of 3 liters of "golden fluidthat smells like nectar and looks like that kind of beer we used to love."She had a hard time at first convincing them she was really ill, as apartfrom the ascites her skin and eyes are still glowing with health. And shekeeps cracking jokes.She's been writing many notes to pass on --Please fwd to other friends you may know of. Does anyone have contact forBrian in Dharamasala or Daniel H. Merrit? -- or Scott Grieger? Jack Scharff,Judy Wilson, Gordon greene, Penelope Moffat, Anne Greene, Mac McClain, SusanBarnet, Janet Fitch, Laurel Paley, Eli Pulsinelli, Elizabeth betinsky, GerdaGovine, Luis Ituarte, Deane Swick, Michelle I, Julie Olivia -- [I'll try tofind these in her email]. She doesnt want to leave anyone out, but the lackof sleep is impeding her memory a bit.Please someone tell her dad, but tell him not to worry.She likes her new doctor and the nurses are charmed by her. The oncologist,Dr Gupta, turns out to have an appreciation for collage. The ER had tulipson the curtains. She has a room of her own, with a window -- and even thebathroom has a big window -- for those of you who know her working habits.There's also a spare bed for visitors.Mostly she wants to say "I love you all...I have lived a full life...I amloving this time of the journey. I reserve the right to die in peace as afull person...true to my spirit."She is talking a lot of getting out of hospital and heading to Dharamasala.It may not surprise you to know that she is unsure of her own bank details-- but we're looking into it.Thanks for keeping the energy coming. She seemed to feel it -- she was highon something today.x gaye

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