Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Recent Update from Susan Barnet

Hello community of Margi's friends and family.
I want to let you all know what i know at this point.
I spoke to Margi at around 3 in the afternoon her time
Tuesday the 21st. She sounded good but tired. She took
her advance injection by 10 or 11 pm that night,
then Wednesday morning she will have her first dose of chemo.
(that's about 7pm Tuesday LA time)
Gaye is with her as is Manju and Carolyn McBride will be
heading over there tuesday or wednesday of next week, feb 28th
or March 1st.
Caroline is a good friend of Margi's and a medical practitioner.
Margi has been asking for her, so I think this is a good thing.
Carolyn's plans are to quit her job and stay for 6 months -
she also knows India as she and Margi met there. She will be able to
help Margi negotiate that time she has to stay in the bigger city of
Delhi where the hospital is.
Then she can help get them set up in Dharamsala up north nearer to
Tibet and the mountains Margi loves. Then once a month they can hire
a car and driver to take them into Delhi for Margi's chemo.
I beleive it is important that they have the funds to do things
like hire a car rather than take the overnight train.
It is extremely easy to put funds into Margi's account.
Only you cannot do it over the internet or telephone but must go to
the bank in person. I also have an account with Bank of America so
I just ask them to transfer from my account into Margi's.
Has anyone done this with funds from a different bank?
I emailed Margi's bank account number which has been added
to one of the posts as a comment but I am wondering if this is safe
to do via internet. Does anyone have an opinion on this?
If you all think it's ok I can add it to this blog in a way that's more
easily accesable.
Finally, I will be going to see Margi myself on march 17th
for about ten days. I will bring her laptp with me then -
I think it is easier for me than Jennifer or Carolyn as I'll have less stuff.
But I can also bring other things then as well.
If anyone has any additional info or corrections on any of this please let me know.
And if i can do anyhting for anyone wanting to help out also please let me know.
Susan Barnet
mobile 323.493.290
home 323.665.1705


Anonymous said...

As someone who has done many bank transfers (including international), you certainly DO NOT want to post any bank account numbers on this site. Even sending them in a private email is very risky since that's not secure either.

anneg said...

I agree about the bank account information. This blog is not a secure site and posting the bank account number seems potentially dangerous. But Susan, all of your message just sounds so tremendous. Margi is getting amazing support from her friends around the world. That is so fantastic that Caroline is going to stay with her for 6 months. I am truly moved by all of her friends love.


Angie Stephens said...

Can you set up a paypal account? That wouldn't disclose any information online. The only negative is that they charge fees for deposits (but not withdrawals). I've never looked into setting up a nonprofit-type account, I've only used mine for e-bay. Maybe they have something fee-free for this type of donation?

Angie Stephens

anneg said...

Hi Angie - Don't know about setting up paypal on this blog but was thinking about a fund or something that would be for deposit only. That would be a bank of america type question. Anybody interested in pursuing this? It would be nice if we could put information on the right nav bar that people could easily click on and deposit money into.

Thanks for the idea.

Anne Green