Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Delhi 3/7

hello all,
well, the hospital visit went well. Margi had her blood drawn to see how her blood count was and it was good. her WBC level is acceptable as well as the RBC. so it doesn't look as if she'll have to do extra treatments to 'boost' the blood.

the doctors were very nice and the process was efficient. they are very accomodating and give her clear answers to all her questions. one of the original doctors has been inspired to now collect trash and do some collages!!!!!!!

so. the plan is to have Chemo #2 on March 14th. she will be having more labs before the chemo in order to adjust the doseage correctly.

her spirits are still good and her physical discomfort is reduced. she is eating well and and seems to have more energy every day. the numbness in her hands is still there, but less so. she is getting meds to help deal with that.

we're looking forward to Jennifer and Susan's visit and are planning on getting up to Dharamsala around the 17th. but we will take it one step at a time.

we have had tremendous support here from old friends and new. it is really heart warming to see how hospitable her new Indian friends have been. i am so grateful!

so. will keep you posted of any changes.

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laurelpaley said...

I am glad to be reading these posts, especially the letter that Margi wrote about her hospital experience. I am thrilled. A very dear friend of mine here in LA has had much more nightmarish experiences with the county health care system here. Oy.

Love over the wires. Do you feel it?